Dope Directionz - Witness

Dope Directionz - Witness

katie anna rose.
wolfandpuma: There's a photo of you at a dress up party - I think you're Cinderella? You're in all white, and in a photo with Nina as wonder woman... It's from a while ago - sorry, was stalking hot girl photos to get dress ideas!! :) JW where did you get that dress from? :O It's amazing!

hey love! its actually a corset i hired from a costime store and a skirt :) but thanks ! x

Anonymous: are you single?

na soz

Anonymous: Do you smoke?

yeahhh, filthy habit xD stopping though, just started recently from stress…

Anonymous: how did you get the job at rebel?

i worked at briscoes since i was 15 and they’re the same company and they asked if i wanted to move over there so i did :)

Anonymous: How are you finding it doing paramedics? Ups and downs of the course?

haha you sent me this question 5 times ? :P but its good! the downs ican think of is that first semester of first year is BORING and that your ambo shifts can be exhausting - but everything else is awesome! :) i love how you learn so much treatment which you can use straight away and its not just sitting in a classroom , you probably learn alot more on your shifts! the people are amazing - the lecturers are hilarious as well. I would definitely recommend it if you are contemplating the idea (:

Anonymous: what are the main exercises you use to work your abs?

im sorry im really bad with names of equipment! haha but i tend to use the one where you rest your forearms on it and pull your knees up and i try to better my time in planks. i do vary it up a bit though, there are so many ab excercises - i use the medicine balls alot when i do abs to ad extra weight - hope this helps! :)

Anonymous: why do u keep liking stuff on sam's fb page? stalker much..

hahaa cause hes my boyfriend ? soz, gotta problem? :L